ac;pic: no duplicates

“Clutter comes with a price tag as well — you need a bigger home and bigger closets and other storage space for all the clutter.” [1]


Duplicated photos and videos must be eliminated automatically. It saves space and eliminates clutter.

An annoying situation when organizing digital photos and videos is having duplicate files. Filenames don’t help, systems include a “(1)” or “(2)” or other number depending on the amount of copies at the end of the filename, resulting in the same file with different names.

Metadata doesn't help either. Sometimes copies of a file don’t carry the same metadata. Systems that rely on metadata identification for duplicates tend to fail.

Deleting duplicates manually takes time, it's error-prone - deleting both copies and original of a file, or not deleting all copies -, it’s boring and unproductive.

ac;pic identifies content duplicity of an image or video regardless of filename or metadata. The system asks: does this image have the same pixels as any other image in the account? If so, then it’s duplicated. It gets automatically deleted.

Less space used, less clutter.

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