tagaway: filling the gap

Photo albums don’t work. Filenames don’t matter.

The organization method has to follow the brains’ method. It has to be simple, yet scalable.

There’s a gap.

Product and interface design fill the gap.

Making the hurdles irrelevant

In tagaway, when adding pictures and videos, the year in which the photo or video was taken is picked up from the metadata, turned into a tag and applied automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that. All your pictures and videos are immediately classified in their corresponding year and you can easily access them.

Geographical tags, after you opted-in, are also automatically generated. They are grouped by country, and within each country, by city.

You can ask “what’s in 2019”? Just click on ‘2019’ and you’ll get everything. “What happened in Chicago?” Same. Or “what happened in Chicago in 2019?” You can mix them.

'Year' and ‘Geo’ tags are produced automatically: tagaway year and geo tags

tagaway’s navigation sidebar.

And can be easily mixed: tagaway mixing year and geo tags

You were in Chicago in 2019. There’s no need to show any other year.

On upload or import you can choose what tags you want your pics and videos to have, so those files are uploaded with the associated tags (ie: “Family”). It makes it easy to put everything in “Family” with the tag “Vacations”, and since the “2019” tag and ‘Chicago’ tag was picked up by the system, you now have 2019 + Family + Vacation + Chicago all neatly tagged.

Attaching tags on upload makes organizing a lot easier: tag on upload

Then, since you can see the pics and play the videos right in front of you, just select the ones with your friends or family and add the names or classification you want (like “cousins”, “aunts” or “mom).

Every time you click a tag, only positive options are returned. No dead-ends.

If you don’t feel like adding tags, it's OK, you don’t have to. What doesn't have a manual tag is in ‘untagged’. Anything in ‘untagged’ can be mixed with the ‘year’ and ‘geo’ tags. You can ask ‘what things are untagged from 2015?’ And it will be in front of you.

Or, you can create tags later on and re tag all you want: tagging process

You can do it for 20, 2,000 or 20,000 photos or videos. It doesn’t matter.

All your pictures organized, tagged and done.

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