tagaway: no dead-ends

You wouldn’t store empty boxes in your house, why would you do it with your memories?

Empty boxes are clutter.

If you’re looking for the photos of your birthday party from 10 years ago and keep opening empty folders or albums, or if they’re paper photos and you open empty boxes, it’s going to be very frustrating.

How to avoid this from happening? With a no dead-end interface.

Let’s go to the example used in ‘we remember by association’: my 2010 and 2019 vacations.

Let’s say I want to see the pictures of my mom in Osaka. The tags I have available are:

From there, I’ll go with the easy one: Osaka.

Now I have these tags available to choose from:

What happened to the other tags? They disappeared because they’re no longer relevant: I’m in the Osaka pics, I’m not anywhere else (I’m not in Las Vegas, nor in Tokyo or Kyoto). My aunt and cousins weren’t there, so the tags don’t appear. This was in 2019, so there’s no need to have 2010 as an option.

I don’t need options that are empty, I want to see what is there, not what is not there.

If I add the tag “My mom”, then I will only see the pics that reflect: Osaka + My Mom. And that’s where I wanted to be.

If I want to go back to a previous step, I just remove the tags I don’t want. Always full results.

Organization is finding what you want when you want it. It's having full control.

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