"Launching a company will always be a wild ride, full of ups and downs, there are things entrepreneurs can do to help keep their lives from spiraling out of control (…). Most important, make time for your loved ones. Don't let your business squeeze out your connections with human beings. When it comes to fighting off depression, relationships with friends and family can be powerful weapons." [1]


Back in the day we were working 7 days a week. Every day until 3 or 4 AM. Little sleep. Sundays were especially tough. Friends, family and significant others were largely neglected. We burned the candle at both ends for months. After launching we had a full on burnout.

Who was there to pick us up? Our friends, family and significant others.

Never again. We rather go slow and healthy, than fast and live like hermits.

If we’re in this for the long run, we have to live for the long run.

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