The slow startup

"At the age of 30, an extremely successful Wall Street trader decided to go to Tibet, enter a monastery, and undertake rigorous spiritual studies."

"On his first day, while his fellow trainees were hanging back, the extrader marched up to the top Zen master and asked "How long does it normally take to become enlightened?"

"Seven years," the Zen master replied.

"But I was top of my class at Harvard Business School. I made $10 million at Goldman Sachs, and in preparation for entering the monastery I've taken all the best time management courses. How long will it take me if I study intensively and try extremely hard to cut the time?"

The Zen master smiled and said, "Fourteen years."

-- From Richard Koch's, Living the 80/20 Way.

Replace become enlightened with create a product that is loved by its users and brings enough revenue to be self-sustaining.

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