Point of impact

"In tennis the point of impact is where the ball makes contact with the racket. It’s the split second in which your intention collides with the outside world. If you look at freeze-frames of top professional players in this critical moment, you will most often see their eyes on the ball as it smashes into their strings."

"He fed me the first ball and . . . it worked like magic. As soon as I stopped fixating on the destination—where I wanted to hit the ball—and instead focused on what was in front of me—the point of impact—everything began to work. 10, 15, 20 balls later, they were all going where I wanted them to go, and I wasn’t thinking about where I wanted them to go."

"It flowed, and it kept flowing. The more I focused on the point of impact, the more the rallies and games took care of themselves." [1]


"Start-ups are grueling and only the most fortunate persevere before finding success. If you only build for fame or fortune, you will likely find neither. Build for meaning, though, and you can’t go wrong." [2]


If we want to hit the target and find success, our best bet is to focus on what’s in front of us: how we hit it. We can control that. If we don’t build with meaning, why are we building?

That’s in front of us. That’s the point of impact.

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