"In conclusion, this six-year study of the effects of traits, skill, and motivation offers support for recent research interest in personal characteristics as an explanation of new venture performance. We found that entrepreneurs’ passion, tenacity and new resource skill affect venture growth through communicated vision, goals, and self-efficacy. The finding that personal characteristics matter opens significant opportunities for research exploration centered on study of traits, skills, and mediators, and it points to the opportunities for psychology researchers within the entrepreneurship setting. Furthermore, “personality assessment” and “skills and motivation training” may have a role in development of entrepreneurs." [1]


"We have noticed the most successful founders are the sort of people who are low-stress to work with because you feel “he or she will get it done, no matter what it is.” Sometimes you can succeed through sheer force of will."

"Good founders have a number of seemingly contradictory traits. One important example is rigidity and flexibility. You want to have strong beliefs about the core of the company and its mission, but still be very flexible and willing to learn new things when it comes to almost everything else."

"The best founders are unusually responsive. This is an indicator of decisiveness, focus, intensity, and the ability to get things done." [2]


Your personality matters. What you say, what you believe, what you do, what you learn, it all matters. Probably more than any other thing. Companies can fail, products may flop, but you still have to be there and keep going.

Learn new skills. Let it breathe. Work on your emotional intelligence.

A good pilot is as important as a good car if you want to win the race.

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