Our what

What products are we building at Altocode? What do we offer to our users?

We, the humans at Altocode, build web applications. These are applications that you use through a web browser in any device connected to the internet.

Our products

Our first web application is ac;pic, a digital home for your pictures. It performs the following functions:

As of November 2019, we're working on a beta version. The backend is done; we're coding the frontend now. Send us an email to info@altocode.nl if you want to be a beta user!

After we launch ac;pic, we will work on ac;tools.ac;tools is a set of tools for those building web applications, each of which solves a backend problem common to web applications. The tools are:

We will write ac;tools to replace and scale many of the internals of ac;pic. These tools will provide a firm infrastructure on which the company can provide an exceptional service while minimizing maintenance costs.

What makes ac;tools different to other infrastructure-as-a-service solutions is:

After ac;tools is operational, we will work on cells. cells is a simple and transparent programming interface. It requires no installation and includes its own language, database, editor and it runs on the web. It intends to improve upon existing programming languages and environments. The idea of cells predates the company itself, and this product represents the pinnacle of what we have to offer. Future applications, written by us or others, can be based on cellscells is meant to be the ultimate way in which we at Altocode shall empower everyone to program.

Our pricing

We have recently come across a pricing structure that is transparent and fully aligns our incentives with those of our users. Altocode's pricing model is simple:

Altocode works like a digital utility. The user pays a fixed cost for the monthly connection, and then you pay based on your usage. Unlike most utilities, however, we charge your usage linearly, so that you can use as much as you want.

As we grow in paid accounts, we intend to reduce the fixed cost per user, even if we account for a sufficient margin of safety. The variable/infrastructure cost will also go down as time goes by, since our economies of scale will be immediately passed along as cost savings to the user.

This structure perfectly aligns our incentives with those of the users. Instead of relying on a fixed subscription price and hope that the users don't use its full capacity, we're open and transparent about what part of the subscription pays for our salaries and other fixed costs.

Open source

All our products, as we said, are fully open source. Anyone can use the code to create other software, even competing products.

All our products are based on the ustack, a minimalistic and open source set of libraries that have the purpose of being as understandable as possible, while enabling the creation of real web applications. We have been working on the ustack for many years now and, while not a product, it is one of our main contributions to the open source ecosystem.

Part of the money from the fixed part of subscriptions will be used to promote existing open source projects that Altocode uses. In a more distant future Altocode also intends to contribute to the infrastructure of the internet, and perhaps to its governance.

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