Organizing old digital photos should be fast and easy

old photos

The problem

A few months ago we found ourselves googling "How to organize old digital photos" and the first result said something along the lines of "Organizing digital photos takes time and patience, but just follow a few simple steps, and everything should fall nicely into place." We are not good at patience. And why should it take time? We have software, cloud computing and algorithms out at our disposal every day. Why should this be any different?

To organize old digital photos quickly you just need the right service.

The solution

A system that automatically sorts images and groups them by year, location and any other high-level grouping. If you have your photos grouped by time and place, then everything is a lot easier. Even if you only have that as your organizing principle, it is a lot. Then you can start adding tags or doing anything you want, but it is easier to start from somewhere.

How does the solution look like?

That's what we were asking ourselves. Since none of the solutions out there really solved our problem, we decided to build our own. That's ac;pic.

When you throw a bunch of old photos in ac;pic, it looks like this:

old pics with year tags on ac;pic

The system takes the year of each photo and automatically creates a tag on the navigation to the left. You can also do that with location, so you have location and year. No work on your part needed.

If you click on a year, let's say 2020, it brings back all the 2020 pics. Just like that.

year tags on ac;pic

You can of course, organize your photos and video to more detail if you want, but that shouldn't take a lot of work. You should be able to find any image or video you want in around 30 seconds, a minute at the most. That's a great test we use. Finding the old pics you want should take time and patience. It should be easy, fast and fun. Otherwise, what's the point?

That's how it should look like. That's how it should be.

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